Photos of various goings on...
Stuart went to the Mablethorpe sand races, from the tone of his email I wouldn't be surprised if he's racing in the next one!

That's a Triumph 900 triple in an Armstrong 500 frame, seems a laugh until you look at the front brake..

The AIMCC Christmas meal - it was a curry!

Bob's C90 and Seb's MZ125 at a frozen Redmire's Resevior

Some of the club members on a camping weekend

Rob and the traditional Rally Cigar

Kev - very pleased about something..

Rob doing something odd in the snow
F650 Off Road
Bob's F650 On Stannage Edge
Paddling at Morfa Nefyn on Tour in North Wales
GS on Beach
Bikes on Morfa Nefyn Beach
Egg Run
Phil, Linda and Seb on the Stoke Egg Run
Egg Run2
Some of the bikes on the Stoke Egg Run
Bob On Hill
Bob on walkabout at the Rat and Survival Rally
Ride Out
AIMCC sets off on a rideout
At a club meeting
Sea Fishing at the Gurt Gallybagger's Rally (IOW)
Phil and Eddie at the Sanddancers '06
Seb at the Farmyard Party '07
Fish firelighting at the Farmyard '07
Seb at the Avebury Ring on a rideout from the OGRI Rally '07
Nick and Bob at the Farmyard 2005
Nick and Bob at the Farmyard Party in 2005