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Beowulf Performance Products - Manufacturers of performance and styling goodies and exhuasts. Kev highly recommends them and confirm they are more than happy to honour their lifetime guarantee on their products and says the customer service is exemplary.

Bikers Den
- A US clothing and accessories supplier, lots of choice.

CBT Couriers - A crackin' "Ma and Pa" Company who specialise in motorcycle delivery UK wide, I have used them several times now and cannot praise them highy enough...

GR Bike Gear - a UK manufacturer of thermal clothing for bikers. They can do special sizes to order.

Aztec Oils - my employer uses this lot for oil and hydraulic fluid etc. They also supply engine oils. I had a 25 Litre drum of 10W40 Semi-Synth delivered for under 45. When you consider that Halfords are charging around 18 for 5 litres it makes very good sense. You can phone your order through and pay with card. I have no association with Aztec except that I bought some oil from them.

Realclassic - an excellent website about "classic" bikes, I can spend hours browsing around on it. They also cover modern classics; Enfields, Urals, Jawas etc.

Snow UK - now this is really clever. It uses twitter to update snow fall information in the UK. It's exactly the sort of thing that you need and exactly the sort of thing that the government could never set up..