Tour Of France

Kev, Stuart, Jackie, Linda, Wal and Greg were riding about in France:

Base camp at Savigny Les Beaune

French Alps road to Briancon

Road back to the A51 Heading South

Alps- Maritimes coast road

Le Trayes coast road D559

Chilling Out

Narbonne-Plage near Coursan

The Medieval City at Carcasonne about 35 miles from Coursan

Millau Viaduct, an extra 60 miles on the journey but well worth it.

At Harry's Bar

The wall at Harry's signed for posterity


Bussiere Poitavine between Limoge and Poiters Close to Oredor Sur Glan were in WW11 the village was wiped out by the Nazies

On the road to Caen - it was a long way

La Pruits at Saint Martin la Besacs about 35 miles from Ouisterhiem the Caen ferry port. French Cider and Irish Beer.

On the way to the ferry for home.